[LYRICS] Falz – Sweet Boy

LYRICS [Intro] Wi-wi-willis gidem [Pre-Chorus] See person pikin see as he fresh If you see am dey come give am respect All white agbada check […]

Falz – This Is Nigeria (Lyrics)

[Introduction] Extremely poor and the medical facilities are poor We operate a predatorial neo-colonial capitalist system which is founded on fraud and exploitation and therefore […]

Davido – Assurance (Lyrics)

DOWNLOAD AUDIO HERE [Introduction] Chei Sporoach beat b bang bang [Bridge] Biggie biggie, heavy heavy, baby do you want me haba Biggie biggie, heavy heavy, […]

Joe EL – Sing Along (Lyrics)

Download Audio Here [Introduction] Ooooohooohooooo…it’s Joe EL Amadi Eeeeeeheeeheeeeeee… So I say [Chorus] Everytime I step into the club o Sing along All the girls, […]

Kiss Daniel – 4Dayz (Lyrics)

Download Audio Here I’ve been searching for the right one I’ve been searching for you all along Sojourning and searching for more Searching Baby girl, […]