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How To Play Sport/Football Betting(Bet9ja) For Beginners

By: in Hot,Updates4 months ago

How To Play Sport/Football Betting(Bet9ja) For Beginners

Sport/football betting have indeed come to dominate the Nigerian youths atmosphere as it is usually believe that 4 out of every 10 Nigerian youths are either engage in Football betting in one way or another. Notwithstanding this doesn’t necessarily mean that the elderly ones are left out infact Football betting can now be seen as a very popular phenomena in Nigeria. You hear of top betting platforms like bet9ja, Nairabet and others almost every now and then.

I remember having seen how popular football betting have become, I decided to venture into but I was found short of ideas with regards to how the stuff works especially when I start hearing words like “Goal Goal, Under 2.5/Over 1.5, X1, home to win or draw etc” and I looked for various resources online and offline to put me through but the results weren’t impressive.

So be it as it is, I am going to be writing here a few tutorial on how to start predicting games (betting) as a beginners.

Who Is This Post For : This post is just for beginners who have just developed interest in football betting but are confused on how to go about it but if you are a professional and you ran into this post, I believe you can grab one or two things from reading it and you can as well add your own contribution through the comments box.

Now, I am going to break this tutorial into Three main parts which I consider the steps involved for you to start placing any football bet on any Football betting platform and as well, win if you are that good and they are:

Steps Involved In Football Betting.

1. Be a football lover.
2. Develop Interest.
3. Learning How To Place a bet and the terminologies involved.

Advice: Majorities in our society especially our elderlies and religious society believe that betting is not just right and is immoral, therefore we advise you quit if you owe any individual or society of this view any moral obligation.

Now back to our tutorial, so the above are the steps I believe if you are conversant with, you can start predicting your own sure games and mind you I will explain.

1. Be A Football Lover: For you to place a football betting that you are sure of winning, you will agree with me that you must be a football lover like how can you predict the outcome of a game between Chelsea and Real Madrid without knowing the current strength of both clubs. Though that doesn’t not necessarily mean you can’t start predicting games since there are no laws restraining betting to football “literates” but somehow I believe a passion/love for football will be a very added advantage just as bet9ja slogan goes “Reward For Passion”.

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2. Develop Interest: It is one thing to love football and another to have interest for football betting. By way of developing interest, you try to know the cons and pros of football betting and know if they are beneficial and fitting to your likings which I believe is one of the reasons you started reading this in the first place, so we can jump from this to the next but wait,

What Is Football Betting?

The scope and real understanding of football betting is wide and varies according to individuals but the features involved can sum up an understanding of the whole betting concept, i.e,

1. A sport betting company(Like Bet9ja) as approved by the government of a country opens a platform where you can predict the expected outcome(Win/Draw) of a football match before/during(live predictions) the actual game,which team will score first, which individual is bound to score, how many goals will each team pull at the end of the match. e. t. c.

2. You pay a certain amount of money to back up your decision.

3. You lose the money if your prediction was wrong and you win an initially agreed amount if your prediction is correct.

Who Can Play:
1. People above 18 years of age.
2. If you can take the risk
3. If you can be responsible
4. If the money you shall be playing with is yours.

Pros Of Football Betting

1. You win a huge amount for your football passion

Cons Of Football Betting

1. You will lose money.
2. It can deteriorate your health status when taken too serious (Tension over an already predicted game).


3. Learning How To Place a bet and the terminologies involved.

Now this is the main aspect of this tutorial, Betting is not just something you can start immediately as there are various stuffs to understand so that you won’t be confused when you visit a football betting website.

I don’t want this post to be that much because I understand this kinds of tutorial are usually time consuming so I will try to be brief.

Two Ways To Play Football Betting:

Offline betting: Here, you don’t have to have an account with the betting company/website(e.g Bet9ja/bet9ja.com) rather you just use your phone to select/predict few games and a code will be allocated to your prediction,thereafter you walk into any of their betting shops and pay them the amount you want to place for the prediction showing them the code and then the code will be activated and a slip issued to you for reference purpose pending the end of your prediction. If you win, you go there to collect your winning. This is the most popular way of betting among Nigerians.

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Online Betting: Here, you directly open an account with the betting agency, fund the account and you can play the game from your phone/laptop/tablet and have your winning paid directly to your bank account without stressfully going to the betting shop.

Difference Between Offline and Online.

1. In Offline, if you win N2000, you can go and withdraw the amount by simply going to the betting shop but in the Online method, you must win a certain amount and above before you can withdraw eg in the case of bet9ja, you must win N5000 and above before withdrawal can take place.

2. You play offline in the betting shop’s agent bet account while in online, you directly open your own account with the betting company.

Football Betting Terminologies

Odd: The number one thing to know in football betting is the word “Odd” since this determines the amount you are going to win when you play a game. odds are allocated by betting companies according to the strength of a club in a match e.g if team A is stronger than team B, selecting team A to win the match will mean a smaller odd (Team A – 1.5 odds – Team B – 25 odds), now playing this game with N500 will mean, if you predict team A to win = 1.5 * 500 which is N750 i.e 750 is your potential winning and on the other hand, if you select team B to win,= 25*500 which is N12500 i.e 12500 is your potential winning. So you see the risk in football betting, if you can select team B with big odd but with a lesser chance of winning a match, the higher your potential winning.

Multiple: The term “multiple” is simple i.e you predicted the outcome of more than one match in a single betslip.

Single: Opposite of multiple. when you predict the outcome of just one game in a betslip.

Under: Is an Option in predicting games and it simply means both teams won’t score more than this amount of goals e.g assuming you played UNDER 1.5(Both teams won’t score more than 1 goal eg 1 – 0 or 0 -1 ) UNDER 2.5 (Both teams won’t score more than 2 goals e.g 2-0 1 – 0 / 0 – 1 / 1 – 1 / 0 – 2). In any case if the goals exceed the prediction, your ticket is off eg, assuming you choose UNDER 1.5 for a Chelsea Vs Real Madrid Match, if the game ends 2 – 0 or 0 – 2 and above, your game is off.

Over: Opposite of Under i.e you believe the goals to be scored in a match will be more than your selected option eg OVER 1.5 (both teams must score more than one goals in the game), Over 2.5 (Both teams must score more than two goals in the match).

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Abbreviations In Betting
As a beginner, the major abbreviations you need to know are the ones below and as you start, you begin to get conversant with more.

Football betting abbreviations are usually arrange as X1 | X | X2 for you to choose one as an option for the predicting the outcome of a game.


1– means you are predicting the club playing home to win the match. if the game ends with draw or away winning, it means your ticket have been cut.

X – means you predict both teams to play draw e.g 0 – 0, 1 – 1, 2 -2 etc. so if any team wins, your game is off.

2 – means you predict away team to win the match. therefore if the match ends 0 – 0 (draw) or home team wins, your ticket is cancelled.

How To Know Home And Away Team

This is important because it is widely believed that the team playing home is likely to win a match. So,
To know the team playing home in a match arrangement, the first team stationed at the left side is home e.g,

Nigeria Vs Ghana
9jahyper Stars Vs Naijaloaded Crown
In the above arrangements, Nigeria and 9jahyper Stars are playing home while Ghana and Naijaloaded Crown are playing away. See Picture Below For More!!!

Hope you understand that.


How To Apply What You Have Learnt So Far In This Tutorial

1. Decide if you shall be playing “Offline” or “Online” method of betting.

If Online, visit any betting site and click on register anywhere on the site, fill the form displayed and after successful registration, fund your account. See Picture Below For More!!!

If Offline, Visit any betting website and jump to number Two.

2. Decide if you shall be playing multiple or single games.

3. Start predicting by selecting options like home to win(X1), Draw (X) , Under 2.5, Under 1.5 and away to win (X2) etc.

4. After selecting your games, click on “bet now” and enter amount if you are using the Online method but if offline, just copy the betslip code and go to a nearby betting shop, give them the code and pay and your bet will be placed.

5. Goodluck.

I will continue reviewing this post in order to add other missing ideas but for now, let me drop my pen meanwhile is there anything you want to know about football betting, drop your comments below.

Happy Betting.
Joseph Omamode.

I am the brain behind 9jaHyper, formerly JagabanXclusive...My interest in music and the online world prompted me creating this entertainment site with the view that it stands out among it equals and that it contents satisfy all lovers of entertainment. Read More About Me Here
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