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Manufacturers Set To Unveil Contraceptives That Can Help Men Last Long In Bed

By: in Romance3 months ago

A local distributor for a Korean company is set to start selling a “rubber” contraceptive for men that makes them last longer during lovemaking.

AG Young Trade Limited of the Korean manufacturers claim that they will soon start selling a unique contraceptive for men that is guaranteed to make them last longer in bed.

The company says it is looking forward to solve both issues of safe and long-lasting pleasure. Its Chief Executive, Solomon Agbanyo thinks it is time to embrace such a product because the discussions on intimate health have opened up.

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Prior to the last 20 years, it would have been difficult if not unthinkable to imagine open advertisement and talk on sex on media.

Agabnyo is quoted as saying: “We think the time is right for us, and we are positive about contributing to all the efforts at promoting responsible life and safe sex.”

The product is called the Unidus Long Love and has been nicknamed “Condom Viagra” in markets where the product is in use.

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Agbanyo elaborated: “Aside from the traditional uses of condoms to prevent STIs and pregnancy, what you have in UNIDUS Long Love condoms is prolong excitement.”

9jahyper.com.ng cannot attest to the efficacy of this contraceptive although the news is certain to arouse the interest of thousands of young men in the country.

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