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SAD!!! Police Allegedly Shot Beautiful Young Lady To Death Near Her House

By: in Romance,Updates3 months ago

Anita Akapson, a young and beautiful Nigerian lady has been reportedly killed by a police officer in Abuja.

The lady was reportedly a hardworking staff of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA). She was allegedly killed by a police officer near her residence in Maitaima area of Abuja.

It was gathered that the deceased identified as Anita Akapson was shot dead on Saturday night by the police who claimed it was a case of ‘mistaken identity’.

It was revealed that the family of the deceased has reported the issue at the police station but have not gotten any response.

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Friends have since taken to social media to mourn the heartbreaking loss of Anita.

Hussaini Dickson Ishaq, a close friend of Anita Akapson, took to Facebook to write an emotional tribute.

Hussaini Dickson Ishaq, a close friend of Anita Akapson, took to Facebook to write an emotional tribute.

He wrote: “I can’t stop the tears this time, my heart bleeds and the hurt seems to have cut really deep. The finest of them all, Ann you weren’t just the usual fine face, you were smart/industrious and had such a beautiful soul with a tranquil aura that can never go un-noticed not because were loud but because your charisma and charm was loud enough to get you all that attention.

“Sissy na I can’t believe i’d be talking about you in past tense right now, i’d always tease you and say as your brothers we aren’t going to collect less than N5 million as your bride price because were worth every kobo, then Boom! today you lie dead, killed in cold blood by a retarded animal and coward with a riffle.

“The pain is too much to bare that I can’t sleep, tossing and turning wishing this isn’t true but the more I ponder, the more reality sets in. Kai! My heart is heavy, it hurts the more knowing that you spent your last few minutes scared, alone and in excruciating pains without any of us there to hold your hands and tell you every thing will be alright. We were such a beautiful and peaceful soul that didn’t deserve to die in such a manner…

“Rest well Sissy na (Anita Akapson) may God forgive those that have cut short your beautiful soul. #JusticeForAnita”

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